peteWelcome! My name is Pete! This site is for anyone who wants to know more about their vehicle. Even better, it’s for people with… less than new vehicles. Keep in mind, this site is about my learning experience too.  That means I’m no expert but I am trying to be the best DIY beater owner that I can be.

Wondering about the name?

The name Eruptions Mecanique comes from a conversation I had with my mechanic. I told him about a very loud bang that came from my engine after about a 20 minutes of driving. He looked at me and said, “Ahh…Eruptions Mecanique!”. I had no idea what he was saying at first but then he explained that what he said means “mechanical eruption”. It was something that his boss at another garage used to say in order to make not so fancy car talk sound a bit more “high brow”. I liked it. So I took it!

So this Eruptions Mecanique which outlines my attempts to learn more about cars. Like the mechanic, I acknowledge that I am trying to make some car talk sound fancy. But the reality is, a lot of this stuff is pretty simple. Drop the intimidation, don’t be fooled by high brow talk and let’s learn.